Friday, November 11, 2016


I like solving problems because of the satisfaction I feel once the issue or challenge is completed. But I had no organizing consistent method to solving problems; my system of solving problems was ad hoc.

There are two reasons why we tend to see a problem as a problem. First, a problem has to be solved and we're not sure how to find the best solution. Secondly, there will probably be conflicts about what the best solution is.

Keep mind that problems and conflicts are not unique and they happen all the time. Seeing it from the glass half full perspective - problems are opportunities! Opportunities to improve a situation or issue or an opportunity to improve a relationship. Problems are actually providing us with information that we can utilize to do a better job.

The most common mistake in problem solving is trying to find a solution instantly. That's a mistake because it tries to put the solution at the beginning of the process, when what we need is a solution at the end of the process. I have come across the S.O.L.V.E. model to help me have a more systematic way of approaching and undertaking a problem.

·  S stands for state the problem, clearly and simply.
·  O stands for outline the problem in more detail by giving a complete picture.
·  L reminds us to list as many solutions as you can no matter how unusual the solution might seem.
·  V tells us to view the list and make a decision about which one to follow.
·  E ask us to evaluate the success of our solution before and after using it.

At first I thought this was a very simplistic model to solve a problem but then I used it to make a decision about repairing my used car. I decided to go ahead and repair the car because that was the best option after I viewed my list of possible alternatives.

Hopefully you don’t have a lot of problems in your life, but if you do I recommend this model to solve it and remember – a problem is an opportunity!

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