Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Little Things Add Up

When I need motivation, my favorvite video (less than 4 minutes) to watch on YouTube is called Small Tasks (see below). During the video a montage of Olympic athletes are shown going through their training routines and motivational speaker Owen Cook voices over the video with stirring music. Cook summarizes that to move forward toward your goals always remember that “the little things add up”.

In life things are thrown at us that can distract us from where we want to go. Sometimes we may want to look at what is the easiest way to reach a goal. Shortcuts led to eventually missing the mark. This video reminds me and refocuses me to remember that success in any endeavour is built upon the foundation of small daily task.

The road of success is a quiet consistent walk. Getting better is a campaign – a campaign of discipline and hard work every single day. Cook says that those repetitive little tasks that seem meaningless and monotonous get you toward your goal are vital to your success because you have the execute the small things to get better.

There are no shortcuts. There is not one big action that will get you where you want to go. Small tasks that are done consistently and usually without short-term reward will led us to accomplishing our goals.

You may have heard the following quote, “How do you eat an elephant? The answer, “One bite at a time”. Don’t get discouraged. Continue with your journey and do those small task every day.

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